Smug Social Justice Warrior Snowflakes at Ohio State Hijack Recent Attack to Lecture Others About Bigotry (VIDEO)


It’s all about them….

Think of every single thing you hate about the special snowflake culture on college campuses right now and multiply it by 100 and you’ll start to get close to how horrible this really is.

A Muslim refugee who was a guest in the United States decided the way to show his gratitude was by running over a bunch of innocent people at Ohio State and then attacking them with a knife.


But according to the social justice warriors of Ohio State the real problem is you. If you could just get over your hate of people who don’t look like you, we wouldn’t have these problems.

You’re not even ready for this. Just watch:

Ace of Spades has written the perfect response to this:

Stabbing a bunch of people for not believing the same things that you do is the very definition of hatred and intolerance, yet you self-absorbed little shits dare project the guilt for this heinous act upon the rest of us? No. Here’s the deal. The disgusting piece of trash who attempted this slaughter was here in this country as a guest, funded by taxpayers like me who’ve been in the workforce for 20+ years. We literally rescued him and his family, and this is how he repaid us–by whining about oppression and microaggressions as he plotted a murderous act of terrorism against innocent people.

We will not let you make this about your self-centered agenda. This is not your show. Your callow sloganeering “thoughts” on tolerance, diversity, microaggressions and general butthurtedness are unwelcome at this time, precious snowflakes. Never, ever presume to lecture the rest of us again.

The higher education bubble is eventually going to burst and lots of people currently in college will no longer be able to borrow tens of thousands of dollars a year to live in this bubble of progressive politics from which they condescendingly lecture the rest of America.

That day can’t come soon enough.

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