Size Does Matter: Since Election 100% More Participation at Trump Rallies than at Hillary’s

Guest post by Joe Hoft


During the months leading up to the election, The Gateway Pundit recorded and reported the number of participants at President Elect Donald J. Trump’s rallies and compared these to participation at Hillary Clinton rallies.  It was clear early on that Trump was holding more rallies and getting much larger crowds at his rallies than Clinton.

We attempted to obtain and track numbers at rallies but we soon learned a few things that made our task difficult.  The Main Stream Media (MSM) rarely, if ever, reported the size of the crowds at the rallies because, we presume, that it was very clear that Trump was outperforming Hillary in this area.  Also, when the MSM did report numbers they always overstated Clinton’s participation while understating Trump’s.  In order to obtain accurate data we had to search and review multiple sources.

The left wing socialist media discounted our analysis and reported that rally ‘size doesn’t matter’.


No matter what the cranks at the Huffington Post and other ‘Fake Media’ outlets shared, we believed that the rallies were a sign of things to come.  (For the record the Fake News Huffington Post reported on election day that Hillary had a 98.1% chance of winning the election.)

As the election results came in we were rightWe’re always right.  We predicted a Trump win and probable landslide and that’s what happened.

A final look at campaign rallies by the two Presidential candidates showed that excitement really does matter as well as hard work.  Donald Trump outperformed Hillary Clinton in rallies and rally attendance after the party conventions in July up to the election:


Donald Trump clearly worked harder than Hillary Clinton in the months leading up to the election with 132 rallies to Clinton’s 63 and it paid off with the election win.  Also, he entertained nearly 1 million supporters at his rallies to Clinton’s 110,000.  Also, Clinton took 57 days off between August 1st and the election where she held no rally.  This was more than half of the 99 days between August and election day.

Now there is even more evidence that rally participation is an indicator of the enthusiasm of a winning campaign! 

Since the election Trump has held ‘Victory Tour’ rallies.  These rallies started on December 1st with a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. Trump then made stops in Des Monies, Iowa; Fayetteville; North Carolina;  Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Grand Rapids, Michigan; West Allis, Wisconsin; and Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Yesterday, on Friday, December 16th, Trump spoke to supporters in Orlando, Florida at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  Trump has another event scheduled to take place today in Mobile, Alabama.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton has held no rallies since the election.  Today it is clear more than ever that rallies do matter!

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