Such Sad News=> Iranian Human Rights Activist Near Death After 67 Day Hunger Strike – Where Is Obama?

Iranian human rights activist Arash Sadeghi is on the verge of death as he enters his 67th day of a hunger strike.

The activist was jailed by the brutal regime.


Barack Obama gave these monsters billions in US dollars, euros and gold and this is how they treat their people.


Hat Tip to activist Banafsheh Zand for the urgent news.

Aresh Sadeghi was arrested in 2009 without charge. This was a month after the Iranian people’s uprising that Obama ignored.

Obama stood with the regime as the monsters jailed and murdered innocent democracy activists.

#FakeNews mainstream media never reported on this disgraceful act by Obama.

FYI— I posted this at the Philippines airport due to the urgency of the report.

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