RUSH TURNS THE TABLE ON HILLARY’S FAKE NEWS: Compiles Her Most Outrageous Lies In 90 Seconds (AUDIO)

Guest post by Lisa Payne-Naeger at American Lookout:


Leave it to Rush to unveil the truth like no one else can. Hillary is the queen of “Fake News” and you will recall all too well these famous lies she has told over the years.

Conservative Tribune published this story.


“It’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” she proclaimed during a speech Thursday on Capitol Hill, according to Fox News, displaying nary a shred of self-awareness.

Cue laughter in three, two, one …

Or better yet, cue political commentator Rush Limbaugh, whose team pieced together a brief montage of the many times the former secretary of state has lied through her teeth, starting with the lie she told in 1998, when she referenced the rise of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” as reported at the time by The Washington Post.

RUSH: We put together a little montage of Hillary Clinton, as a purveyor of “Fake News,” herself.

Listen to the segment below:

This entire “Fake News” scam is a projection by the Democrats onto the right, led by Hillary.

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