RUSH LIMBAUGH: Democrats Lost Because Of Obama NOT FOX NEWS (AUDIO)


Obama recently said in an interview that part of the reason Democrats lost the 2016 election is because of FOX News. It was a ridiculous suggestion. FOX News has been one of Obama’s favorite scapegoats for years.

Rush Limbaugh put the whole thing into perspective. He suggested that Obama is the reason Democrats lost, not FOX News.

Here’s a partial transcript via Daily Rushbo:


LIMBAUGH: Obama Is The Reason Democrats Lost, NOT FOX NEWS!

RUSH: Predictably, the people at Fox News have been having a lot of fun with Obama in Rolling Stone blaming Fox News for the fact that Democrats lost the election. So here’s Obama. He’s complaining about… (laughing) He’s complaining about the fake news on Fox News in an interview at Rolling Stone, which is gonna probably lose $7.5 million in a civil suit for making up a story about rape that never happened at the University of Virginia.

So Obama is sitting for an interview by a bunch of fake news purveyors at Rolling Stone, and he’s praising them, and he’s asked, “What happened in the election, Mr. President? What happened? How come Trump won? This was a just a devastating loss to you and the Democrats. How did it happen?” That’s when Obama blamed Fox News. He said (summarized), “Well, at every bar in America people have Fox News on, and Fox News engages in fake news and so forth, and the idiots that watch Fox News believed it.”

Now, what Obama is doing there — and I don’t blame the people at Fox News for talking about it. But what Obama’s really doing there is trying to make sure that nobody blames him for what happened. And he’s the reason the Democrats lost.

Listen to the audio below:

It’s amazing how much contempt Obama has for FOX.

He can’t stand that there’s one network that doesn’t worship him.

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