Quack Jill Stein Holds Presser at Trump Tower – TRUMP Supporters Crash Event (Video)

Quack Green Party candidate Jill Stein held a press conference today outside Trump Tower in New York City. Stein was joined by grassroots supporters who fueled her unprecedented multi-state recount campaign of Trump victory states.

Pamela Hall was there to film the fiasco outside of Trump Tower.

After several introductory speakers Stein babbled about voting and elections and racism and liberal conspiracies.
Pamela Hall posted excerpts:


“…important that we have elections that we can trust.” A vote that is accurate. Secure. Fair and Just. Every vote counts. Every vote is counted. Democracy and the promise of justice for all. TODAY we celebrate the Michigan decision. Made last night. This recount advances our fundamental Right to Vote- – Election fairness & accuracy- the bedrock of our democracy. At the center- the question of 75,000 blank votes – under votes- a 70% increase from previous elections- communities of color – dis-enfranchised by ERRONEOUS counting of the votes – in particular in West Detroit. (she claims) this is COMMON- in communities of color…discouraging voting before hand (voter ID and cross State identity checks) AND the odds of their votes before miscounted or DIScounted is increased by ( she claims) about 900% IF you vote in a Community of Color. Need to affirm that votes in these communities are not disrespected. Tossed in, A to a dustbin…we stand firm…hand recount of the paper ballots is a gold standard. Pennsylvania…blah-blah-blah… “

Read the rest here.

A few Trump supporters turned out to counter protest.
Love this!
They carried 3 signs and walked back and forth – quietly- on the sidewalk. Yet the Associated Press accused them of creating a circus-like atmosphere.

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