Putin: Did Russia Cause Democrats to Lose House and Senate Too? (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin jabbed the Democrat-media elites on Christmas weekend.

The Russian president told reporters President Ronald Reagan would be proud of President Trump “who was sensitive enough to feel the moods of society… though nobody, except you and I believed in his victory.”


The Russian president asked reporters did Russia cause Democrats to lose the House and Senate too?


Russia Today reported:

Putin praised Trump’s victory despite all odds being against the Republican candidate.

“I think [Ronald] Reagan [40th US president from 1981 to 1989] would’ve been glad to see representatives of his party winning everywhere,” he told journalists.

“And he would have been happy for the newly-elected president, who was sensitive enough to feel the moods of society and worked exactly within that, going to the very end, though nobody, except you and I believed in his victory,” the head of state added.

Putin said that Trump’s win indicates that “there is a significant gap in the definition of what is good and bad in the understanding of the elites and general public” in America.

He said that the Democratic Party lost not only the presidential election, but also the vote for the House, where the Republicans have a majority, and Congress where the Republicans also have a majority.

“Is this our doing too?” Putin said, referring to “the attempts of the Obama administration and the Democratic leadership to blame all their failures on external factors,” including Russian influence.

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