PUTIN SPOX: Reports that Putin Ordered Hack Attacks Against DNC “Ridiculous” and “Fake” News (VIDEO)


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman spoke with reporters on Thursday.

Dmitry Peskov denied the liberal media reports that Putin directed a hack attack against Democrat operatives before the election.

Dmitry Peskov: It’s nonsense. It’s nothing but nonsense. To use Russia as tool in election campaign is something that we hate. It is something we cannot approve… What is interesting is it doesn’t bring results. President Trump was, and is still being accused of for being ready to talk to the Russian Federation, but it never helped his competitors… They are ridiculous. All those rumors, it’s fake. I should say it’s fake information. Those attempts by so-called Russian hackers to intrude into election campaign, to hack data bases, to hack electronic mail and so on and so forth it’s ridiculous.

Via Russia Today:



The New York Post reported:

The Kremlin has denied a report that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally directed how hacked data from U.S. Democrats was used during the U.S. presidential election.

NBC News on Wednesday quoted U.S. intelligence officials as saying that Putin “became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign.”

Asked about the report, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday dismissed it as “laughable nonsense.”

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