SHOCKER=> Berlin Christmas Market Killer Fled to Mosque for Protection After Massacre (Photos)

Berlin Christmas Market killer Anis Amri fled to a local mosque for protection after he murdered 12 people and injured another 49 on Monday.

Anis Amri was seen on security camera leaving the mosque in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

He fled to the mosque for protection.


Good Lord.

Amri was spotted leaving the mosque in the early morning hours.

Translation: Anis Amri after assassination attempt on #Breitscheidplatz Tuesday spotted early in Moabit.

The Daily Mail reported:

Amri’s last known location was a mosque in Berlin, where he was seen just hours after the atrocity.

Amri was captured on CCTV outside the place of worship in the city’s Moabit neighbourhood just eight hours after the Christmas market massacre.

Images show a man in dark clothing and a cap standing in a doorway in the early hours of Tuesday, German public broadcaster rbb reported.

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