Philadelphia City Attorney Caught On Camera BUSTED In Connection With Anti-Trump Graffiti (VIDEO)


Police in Philadelphia have busted a city attorney in connection with vandalism of a building with anti-Trump graffiti. The wine glass carrying dope was caught on a surveillance camera.

Mediaite reports:

Anti-Trump Vandalism in Philly Traced Back to City Attorney

Surveillance video released by Philadelphia law enforcement appears to show that a city attorney was involved in an act of anti-Donald Trump vandalism Friday.

The Philadelphia Police Department’s Northwest Division originally posted the video to YouTube to attempt to locate the perpetrators, who spray-painted the message “F— Trump” onto a grocery market wall. Police estimated that the damage is between $3000 and $10,000 “due to the composition of the stone used during the construction of the facade.”

What police likely did not expect is that one of the men– seen sipping from a glass of red wine and wearing a blazer– would turn out to be Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd.

Here’s the video that got the lawyer busted:

Some of these liberals aren’t very smart, are they?


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