PATHETIC: Teens Arrested for Robbing Nine-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand


Lemonade Stand Robbed

Two teens have been arrested for robbing a nine-year-old’s lemonade stand. They took all the money that nine-year-old Lucas made which amounted to $13.41 and then the two robbers stole his iPod.

From WFLA:

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Two Lutz teenagers were arrested Wednesday after deputies say they robbed two 9-year-old children who were operating a lemonade stand.

Lucas, age 9, just wanted to make some money with a simple lemonade stand inside his apartment complex.

“My mom was making limeonade with limes and then I thought of making a lemonade stand,” said Lucas…

…Then a bad thing happened. Lucas and the other children were robbed.

“I did pretty well. I made $13.41 and then I got robbed by two people. They took all the money and then they took my iPod,” said Lucas…





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