OUTRAGEOUS! WaPo Says Attendees at Deplora-Ball Want “Whites-Only Nation”

The Washington Post was very embarrassed this past year with their open assault on Donald Trump and cheerleading for Hillary Clinton.

Three weeks before the election The Washington Post declared the election was already over and Hillary Clinton was now deciding on which red states to add to her basket of electoral votes.


That’s what the Washington Post reported on October 16.

Since Trump’s landslide win the Washington Post has been leading the charge against Trump and his supporters. The Post linked several conservative websites to Russia in one widely read hit piece that turned out to be a complete bust.

And like several media outlets the Washington Post wants its readers to believe that Trump voters are white supremacists.

They like to link a white Nazi group of 200 people to the alt-right movement and Donald Trump.

On Thursday the Washington Post wrote a hit piece on The Deplora-Ball. This party is planned for the Thursday before the Inauguration. The organizers had to change venues when liberals attacked and threatened the original venue.


Here’s what they have to say about the party today – that was sold out in a few hours.

Via John Woodrow Cox at The Washington Post:

One week after a Virginia nightclub received harassing phone calls for declining to host an inauguration party dubbed the “DeploraBall,” the Donald Trump supporters behind the event have found a new venue to celebrate the election of their media-bashing candidate: the National Press Club.

“Doing it at the press club asserts that we’re a new force in town,” said Jeff Giesea, one of the organizers. “And we’re not just doing it as a troll.”

The Jan. 19 party had garnered attention on Twitter earlier this month in part because several of its slated guests are best known for being online provocateurs, contributing to conspiracy-theory websites and sharing views with the alt-right, an extremist movement of mostly young men seeking a whites-only nation.

But the organizers say they are simply fans of the president-elect and in no way connected to the alt-right, which has come under intense scrutiny since a number of its members flashed Nazi salutes at a Washington conference last month.

Did you get that?
–Several of its slated guests are “online provocateurs, contributing to conspiracy-theory websites, and sharing views of the alt-right who want a “White’s Only Nation.”

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