Obama’s Racist Attacks Against White Working Class Caused Historic Democrat Party Collapse

Since 2008 Obama and Democrats lost white working class voters across the US.

Middle class voters are Republican Trump voters.
Obama just sealed the deal with his anti-white racism.

The map below shows how Obama lost working class white voters in every state since taking office except for Vermont and Massachusetts.


New York Times

Democrats may have lost the white working class vote for generations.
It’s Obama’s fault.

And just this week Barack Obama was out again railing against white working class Americans for his party’s woes.
iPatriot reported:

Obama also blamed Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the NRA for distracting the country from his message of “hope and change”, particularly during the holiday season.

“If we’re not actually out there changing the narrative like we are during campaigns, then folks in a lot of these communities, what they’re hearing is Obama wants to take away my guns,” he said. ” Obama is disrespecting my culture and is primarily concerned with coastal elites and minorities.” Ah yes, the problem was you couldn’t mindlessly brainwash the country Barack, not that your message was fundamentally anti-American.

Obama defended the robbers and hosted Black Lives Matter in the White House.

The Black Lives matter led to several police deaths, lootings and burned businesses.
Law-abiding white and black Americans have had enough.

Obama will be missed when he leaves the White House…
By the criminals and thugs.

For the rest of America – January 20th cannot get here soon enough.

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