Obama Attempts to Save Legacy: Will Meet with Dem Leaders to Protect Failed Obamacare


Obama’s Desperate Attempt to Save Legacy

Adding $9.3 trillion to the national debt, overseeing the rise of Islamic terror attacks in the U.S., pushing failed gun control measures, giving away U.S. influence overseas, aiding terrorist nations, stabbing U.S. allies in the back, leaving the country more divided than it’s been in well over 50+ years, presiding over the destruction of Democrat Party and responsible for the strongest Republican Party wins in over 80 years. These are just some of the things that Barack Obama will be remembered for.

President Obama is now trying to salvage any semblance of a legacy he may have remaining by trying to protect Obamacare from Trump.

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama plans to meet Democratic lawmakers in Congress next week to discuss how to protect his signature healthcare law from Republican efforts to dismantle it, a White House official said on Friday.

Obama, who is leaving office on Jan. 20, will attend a meeting with Democrats from the House of Representatives and the Senate on Wednesday, the official said.

During the session, Obama will warn Democrats that allowing Republican lawmakers to scrap the Affordable Care Act before proposing a replacement would create “chaos” in the U.S. healthcare system, according to the official.

Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, have said they will quickly repeal Obamacare, but will delay the implementation of the repeal for two to three years as they develop a new plan.

Republican President-elect Donald Trump campaigned on a pledge to get rid of the 2010 healthcare law. He promised to replace the law with a plan to give states more control over Medicaid and allow insurers to sell plans nationally.


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