NEWT GINGRICH Goes Off on “Fake News” New York Times: “Conspiratorial BS” (VIDEO)

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich went off on the “fake news” website The New York Times today during his interview on (old) Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz.

Newt slammed the NY Times for their extremely biased and “totally fake” reporting.


Oh, I think if you went back through their coverage of the Trump campaign and the Clinton Campaign to use your language and not mine they had a fair amount of conspiratorial BS… They covered things that just weren’t true. The best example was the woman who repudiated the entire article and said that they took a totally positive pro-Trump – and turned it into Trump hitting on me, acting inappropriately… And she’s the one who held the press conference. This was crazy. Their coverage of Fidel Castro was totally fake. Their coverage of Stalin in the 30s was totally fake.

We all tend to forget the total BS the mainstream media was feeding us during this election cycle.


And now the liberal media is doubling down on attacks against those of us who were right all along.

Via Media Buzz:

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