New Poll Shows How WILD ENTHUSIASM and HIGH ENERGY Won Trump Election



As previously reported by contributor Joe Hoft the final campaign analysis revealed that high energy and excitement really did matter in this year’s election.

Donald Trump upstaged Hillary Clinton in rallies and rally attendance since July.



Donald Trump was high energy. Trump worked harder than Hillary with 132 rallies to Clinton’s 63 and it paid off with the election win. Also, he entertained nearly 1 million supporters at his rallies to Clinton’s 110,000.

Also, sick Clinton took 57 days off since August 1st where she held no rally.  This was more than half of the 99 days between August and election day.  Others like Obama, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, etc.. held small rallies for Hillary but this count only includes rallies Hillary participated in.


And now a new poll proves what we reported at The Gateway Pundit for several months.
Donald Trump voters were HIGH ENERGY and ENTHUSIASTIC.
** At least 50% of of Trump supporters were excited to vote for Donald Trump.
** Only 1 in 5 Hillary voters were excited to vote for their candidate.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

The personal impact of the campaign was not all negative: It was for many a thrilling event. Some 31% said this year was the first time they had been really excited about a presidential candidate. Trump supporters were far more likely than Clinton supporters to feel that way: 51% of Trump voters and just 20% of Clinton voters said they were excited for the first time about a candidate.

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