Netanyahu Cancels Meeting with British Prime Minister – Recalls Ambassadors to Senegal and New Zealand

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Israeli Primer Minister reportedly cancelled a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May over the UK’s support resolution that condemned Israel’s presence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Conservative writer Katie Hopkins praised the move.

The Times reported:


The Israeli prime minister has cancelled a meeting with Theresa May in protest over Britain’s support for a security council resolution that condemned illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories.

“It is a disappointment that the Israeli government has announced that prime minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu does not want to have a conversation with Theresa May,” said Tony Kay, the deputy chief of the British mission in Tel Aviv. The two were due to meet in Davos next month on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

However, a spokesman for Mr Netanyahu denied that any official meeting had been scheduled.

The summit would have been their first chance to meet face to face. Mrs May.

In similar moves Netanyahu recalled ambassadors to New Zealand and Senegal and cancelled a meeting with the Ukraine.
YNet reported:

Netanyahu recalls ambassadors to New Zealand and Senegal, stopping aid to the West African nation, and mulling cutting ties with UN agencies operating in Israel. He also cancels planned visit of Ukraine’s prime minister to Israel.

Israel has taken a series of diplomatic moves against nations that voted in favor of the contentious UN Security Council resolution calling for an end to settlement construction, from recalling ambassadors to cutting ties and canceling official visits.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked the Foreign Ministry to “reevaluate all of our ties to the UN within a month,” and said he had already cut NIS 30 million in funding to five UN institutions. “Five institutions that are particularly hostile towards Israel,” he explained.

Israel is also considering stopping work visas to employees of these UN agencies and expelling UNRWA spokesman in Israel, Chris Gunness, who Jerusalem is accusing of inciting against the State of Israel.

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