MI Elector SLAMS Rogue Texas Elector Who Is Voting Against Trump: “I Think It’s Shameful” (VIDEO)

Michigan GOP Elector Michael Banerian slammed rogue Texas elector Chris Suprun this morning on America’s Newsroom.

Suprun announced two weeks ago that he lied to Texas voters and will not vote for Donald Trump.


Michael Banerian: I think it is absolutely shameful what that man is doing in Texas because if you look at the facts of the situation. His arguments don’t hold any water. He was elected at the Texas GOP convention an an elector for the GOP nominee president and vice president. He signed a legal affidavit saying that he would do so. He then appeared on the November 8th ballot an an elector for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And millions of Texans voted for him as an elector for Donald Trump and Mike Pence not a rogue elector. So to be that deceptive to the voters and think that your opinion is somehow better than the millions of people from your own state who told you to send that message to Donald Trump and Mike Pence is absolutely ridiculous and shameful and I think he’s going to be the only Republican and the lone Republican out there who’s going to be doing that this election cycle.

Via America’s Newsroom:


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