Although the search for the Berlin Truck Terrorist Anis Amri has ended following a shootout in Milan with Italian State Police, Germany is still in deep trouble with terrorists in their borders.

Germany is dealing with 7,000+ terrorist suspects running around within their borders including ‘550 really extreme potential terrorists’.

The Former Head of Counter Terrorism at MI6, Richard Barrett, told the Daily Mail, “…In Germany they have about 7,000 live cases… As you can imagine, that is an almost impossible number to control.”

This is thanks in large part to Angel Merkel who has been referred to on more than one occasion as the ‘Hillary Clinton’ of Europe. In fact Hillary Clinton said Merkel is her favorite world leader while adding “her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis is something that I am impressed by.”

How serious is the situation in Germany? For some perspective, RT reports on terrorist in England and Wales “Of 3,349 suspects from England and Wales arrested under terrorism legislation since the September 11 attacks, only around 18 percent were convicted of planning or facilitating violent acts. A further 10 percent were arrested for terrorism but convicted of non-terrorism charges. The majority of those arrested in that period were British Muslims.”

If those same percentages hold true for Germany, that means that there are roughly 1,260 terrorist suspects in Germany planning or facilitating violent acts and an additional 700 that are involved in non-terrorist but criminal related activities in the Germany.


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