Lifelong Dem Carrier Employee Praises Trump: You’ve Done More For Us In 3 Weeks Than Obama Admin Has In 9 Months (VIDEO)


This is the second Carrier employee to go on the record praising Donald Trump in two days. These folks are extremely grateful to Trump for saving their jobs and many of them are Democrats!

This man’s name is Rick Link. He’s a lifelong Democrat who voted for Trump and he’s pretty happy about keeping his job. On FOX and Friends, Steve Doocy asked him why he voted for Trump and he said:

“He spoke to me. He hit a chord inside me, he was talking to the working man. He was talking to the middle class. And you know, we’re tired of being the working poor. We bust our tails and for what? Companies are getting tax breaks, CEOs are getting bonuses and we’re getting the shaft.”

Doocy asked him what he would like to say to Trump. He responded:

“Thank you for taking the time. You’re not even the actual President of the United States yet, you’re the President Elect but you’ve done more in your first three weeks of being elected than the current administration has done in the last nine months for us.”

Watch the video:

Trump is so much smarter than the left and the media realize.

If Trump and Pence keep this up, they’ll be re-elected in a Reagan style landslide of 49 states in 2020.

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