Liberal Electoral College Members Release Video Urging Electors to Dump Trump (Video)

A slew of arrogant #NeverTrumper electors got together and released a video urging the Electoral College voters to dump Donald Trump.


These leftists call themselves the “Hamilton Electors.” They do not want Trump to become president and cannot accept that he won a free and fair election. They are trying to persuade fellow EC voters to choose Hillary Clinton instead. Bret Chiafalo, a leftist from Washington State, narrates the video.

In the video Chiafalo claims the country has always elected an experienced statesman. He must have missed the last guy who came into office as a community organizer. He then adds, “It is our constitutional duty and our moral responsibility to put the emergency measures into action.”


Trump won the election in a landslide winning 306 to 232 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton.

These leftists want to thwart the will of the people because they do not support Donald Trump.
Their intolerance of the will of the people is unnerving.

They are hoping to pick off 37 electoral votes from Trump.

Via Jamie Allman and The Electric Stove:

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