Kellyanne Conway OWNS Robby Mook: The Biggest ‘FAKE NEWS’ Was That Trump Couldn’t Win (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway sat down with Robby Mook and CNN’s Jake Tapper to discuss Trump’s big victory. It wasn’t just a victory over Hillary.

It was also a victory over the Democrat establishment. And the media. And the ruling class!

Kellyanne was a big part of it!


Here, Kellyanne ended up completely owning Mook and Tapper at the same time.

She shot down the false narrative that Trump only won the election because of “fake news” on the internet.

And she pointed out the biggest ‘fake news’ of the campaign.

Check out her incredible remarks here:

“I think the biggest fake news was that Donald Trump couldn’t win,” Kellyanne told Mook and Tapper.

If Kellyanne was a Democrat, pro-choice Hillary supporter, she’d be considered a feminist icon.

Because she’s a successful Trump campaign manager, she’s ignored by the media and feminists.

We’re glad she’s on our side!

Get ready to see a lot more of this woman!

Guest post by John Binder of American Lookout.

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