Islamofauxbia: Muslim YouTube Prankster Kicked Off Delta Flight, Plays Victim, Calls For Boycott


YouTube star, Adam Saleh who is known for his various Muslim pranks is now calling for a boycott on Delta Airlines after they removed him from a flight. He has many YouTube videos on his channel where he does various ‘experiments’ like ‘Arabs on a plane’, ‘Counting down in Arabic on a plane experiment’ and ‘Speaking Arabic on a plane’.


According to Adam Saleh’s Twitter account, he was removed from a Delta flight because he ‘spoke Arabic to his mom on the phone’. He also accused people on the airplane of being racist towards ‘bearded men’ as they waved goodbye to him.

What exactly was Mr. Saleh saying to his mother in Arabic? Was he saying ‘Allahu Akbar’? Was he yelling and acting frantic? This is of course just another Islamofauxbia hoax. Clearly he has been taunting non-Muslims on airplanes for a while to get this reaction.


Americans have suffered greatly because of Islamic terrorism. After the attacks we have endured, we are on high alert. The West is under siege right now. This is how Islam works, folks. When Muslims are few in numbers, they play victim in order to gain protected status.

Adam Saleh also sent out ‘Update’ tweets, one of which claims he will be headed to see his lawyer once he lands in NYC. He also provided an e-mail address for inquiries, which of course is to further this hoax by flooding the media with Islamofauxbia blitzes. This is nothing more than ‘legal jihad’ which is waged in order to have non-Muslims pay their Islamic overlords. This is also a tool to make Americans afraid to report what they believe to be suspicious activity.




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