ISIS Claims Responsibility for Berlin Market Christmas Market Attack – 9 Dead

A terrorist drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night.


Nine are dead and 50 are reportedly injured.

Now this…
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Berlin.
The New York Post reported:


ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly Christmas market truck crash in Berlin, a report says.

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force tweeted that the terror group was taking credit for the incident, which left at least 9 people dead and more than 50 injured at major public market Monday.

Using encrypted technology, the group said they found several jihadist Twitter accounts that had been claiming responsibility for the alleged attack, according to the Washington Times.

The driver of the truck has been apprehended by police and another person that was riding inside the cab at the time of the crash is dead.

Terror expert Rita Katz tweeted this out earlier.

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