Immigration Group Claims NC GOP Governor’s Loss Was Due to Illegal Alien Voters

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory conceded the race today in North Carolina to Democrat Roy Cooper.

Cooper defeated Governor McCrory by over 10,000 votes.

Americans for Legal Immigration blamed Governor McCrory’s defeat on illegal alien voters.


Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory conceded his race today after failing to challenge ineligible voters that included illegal immigrant voters that cost him his race against Democrat Roy Cooper.

“Governor McCrory won’t be the last Republican victim of illegal immigrant voters in NC unless the NC Legislature takes immediate action to get the illegals out of our voter registration files and election totals,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Very sad to see that McCrory was not the man who did America a huge service by dispatching bilingual surveyors to interview and identify illegal immigrant voters in the Democrat crime infested stronghold precincts of Durham, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro where they stole this election from him. Their goal was to steal NC for Hillary against Donald Trump, but we Americans were more motivated to vote than the illegals this year.”

While the McCrory campaign did attempt to challenge absentee ballots they felt were fraudulent, there was no ground game to document ineligible voters. North Carolina has over 400,000 illegal immigrants and Democratic Party operatives have made it clear they are out to register and vote anyone they can regardless of immigration status. Obama even broadcast a message to Spanish-language audiences, comprised of millions of illegal immigrants, telling them that no government authority would check voter registrations or votes for immigration law compliance! This message was a powerful green light for illegals to vote en masse! (View Video)

While many pro-Democrat pro-illegal immigration media publications like AOL and Washington Post are making false claims that Donald Trump has no evidence for his concerns about illegal alien voters, ALIPAC archives prove that a huge volume of evidence exists that large numbers of illegal aliens committed dual felonies of registering to vote and voting predominantly for Democrats in 2016!

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