Hah! Trump Mocks Hillary in Wisconsin: “I Offered Her 5 Cents on the Dollar” for Her Cancelled Fireworks


Donald Trump was ON FIRE tonight at his Victory Rally in West Allis, Wisconsin.


Trump mocked Hillary Clinton on her cancelled fireworks show.

Donald Trump: And she had this massive convention center with the big fireworks display. And they were paying about $7 million for the fireworks. And it was a big deal. And they knew they were going to win until the final week they knew bad things were happening. And I got a good sign four days before the end. I called up Mike, they just cancelled the fireworks. It’s a frontpage story. They cancelled. Now usually you cancel fireworks because you don’t want fireworks if you’re going to lose, right? Did anyone ever use fireworks if they’re going to lose? Governor, in the history of elections if you’re going to lose you don’t set off fireworks, right? So they cancelled their beautiful Gucci(?) fireworks. And I wanted to be a wise guy so I offered them 5 cents on the dollar for their fireworks. OK.

After the speech Trump Speaker Ryan and Governor Scott Walker gave PEOTUS Trump and VP elect Mike Pence Green Bay Packer jerseys.

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