Gov. Huckabee to Sore Loser Democrats: “Suck It Up, Snowflakes. You Lost” (VIDEO)

Former Governor Mike Huckabee offered some unwarranted advice to the sore loser Democrats: “Suck it up, snowflakes. You Lost.”


Governor Mike Huckabee: Why would they want him to win? He is everything they hoped they don’t have in a US president. He’s strong. He’s surrounding himself with really tough people. But here’s the other reason that is utter nonsense. I mean true absolute donkey droppings. That’s what this amounts to. The idea that somehow the voters were persuaded by what’s in those DNC emails, let’s be reminded the mainstream media didn’t cover the content of these emails. The people who were covering them were the conservative news publications. Those folks were going to vote for Trump anyway. I think the Democrats were just embarrassed… I would say to the Democrats, “Suck it up snowflakes. You lost.”

FOX Business Network reported:

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