Pelosi Daughter EXPLODES on FBN Host: “I’m Getting Death Threats! Don’t Put Words in My Mouth!” (VIDEO)

Pelosi Daughter Blows Up on FBN Host Over Election Sabotage Plot

Christine Pelosi and 49 other Democrat electors are demanding a briefing from U.S. intelligence officials on any ongoing investigations into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

Pelosi believes Electoral College is a deliberative body and not a representative body.



Here’s part of the exchange.

Christine Pelosi: You’re damn right I want to see that information…

Neal Cavuto: She Lost. She lost.

Christine Pelosi: No, I don’t know that you can say that…

Neal Cavuto: You’re trying to get electors who are bound to the Republican candidate, Republican states to switch their vote….

Christine Pelosi: Don’t put words in my mouth, Neal. Neal Cavuto you owe it to the American people to let me tell the truth and not lie about what I just said. Alex Jones said the same thing about my yesterday. Alex Jones and Infowars have said that I want to have a coup and assassinate Donald Trump. I have gotten death threats and it’s not helpful for me.

Via Cavuto on FBN:

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