FAKE NEWS: Look What Liberal Media Says Turkish Assassin Was Screaming Compared to What He Was Actually Screaming

The Western liberal media is plagued with fake news stories.

Here’s one of the latest examples.

In reporting on the assassination this week of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov, the BBC reported this:

Reportedly witnesses say that he shouted out “Aleppo” and “revenge.”

And here is what the killer actually said after he gunned down the ambassador.


Killer: “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! We are those who have given a pledge of allegiance to Muhammad that we will carry on Jihad as long as we live. Allahu Akbar. Don’t forget Allepo. Don’t forget Syria. Don’t forget Allepo. Don’t forget Syria. As long as our towns are not secure you won’t have taste of security. Back off. Back off. Only death will take me away from here. everyone who has contributed to this cruelty will pay, one by one.

Via Vlad Tepes:

Neil Cavuto on FOX News reported the truth on this story.

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