FAKE NEWS => Libs Post Swaztikas In Chicago – Media Blames Trump

This is a classic example of Fake News.

Unhinged Progressives in Chicago are culturally appropriating the holocaust in order to attack President Designate Donald Trump with swaztikas.


Adding insult to injury, local media are running fake news stories BLAMING Trump for this obvious attack against the President Designate.


Anne Sheahan, a spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Streets and Sanitation, said its workers have been dispatched to take down the swastika stickers upon reports from neighbors.

But locals are still distressed by the stickers, a hateful display they say is without precedent in their diverse neighborhood.

“It’s shocking and appalling,” said Debbie Borman, who’s lived in the South Loop for 10 years and shared a photo of one swastika sticker near 14th Street and Wabash Avenue to Facebook. “Whether there’s any affiliation to the president-elect is sort of irrelevant; to have that kind of speech come up in an urban area that’s highly diverse, it’s just unprecedented.”

Dowell’s office said they’ve only been fielding reports of the stickers since last month’s election, leading the alderman to believe that the displays are related to Trump. The sticker Borman shared shows Trump’s name under the swastika.

Hate crimes like this have increased since Trump’s election,” Lampe said. “We’ve not seen this level of hate and it is directly related to Donald Trump.”

No worries that this will “trigger” real victims of the Holocaust. Progressives have anger to vent. That’s WAY more important than millions of dead Jews and their survivors.

Now that Democrats have been reduced to a regional party, its clear who the next enemy of the people is that needs to be confronted. Its the progressive media and their fake news.

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