Facebook #FakeNews ‘Fact Checker’ Accused Of Stealing Cash To Spend On Hookers


The founder of Snopes has been accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from his far left “fact checking” organization and blowing it all on hookers.

Daily Caller reports:

The founder of mythbusting website Snopes, which was recently tapped by Facebook as one of four “fact-check” organizations patrolling the site for “fake news,” embezzled $98,000 in company funds before spending it on “himself and the prostitutes he hired,” according to legal documents filed by his ex-wife reviewed by the Daily Mail.

After divorcing from his first wife, Barbara Mikkelson, David Mikkelson married Elyssa Young, a former porn star and current escort who now works for Snopes as an administrator, according to the Daily Mail.

Let’s recap…The founder of Snopes is accused of stealing from the company to pay for prostitutes, one of which he married and is now on staff at the company tapped by Facebook to be an arbiter of #FakeNews.

Who the hell needs FakeNews when the real stuff is this crazy?

The former(?) hooker turned news gatekeeper has a twitter account where she’s posted naked photos of herself, although she hasn’t updated her feed in a very long time.




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