Ex-FBI Agent: Intelligence Community Spreading ‘Russian Interference’ Lie Like Hitler’s Mein Kampf (VIDEO)


Former FBI agent and Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam went on with Steve Malzberg today on Newsmax TV.

Gilliam says the Intelligence community is spreading the Russian election interference rumors like Hitler’s Mein Kampf knowing it is all a big lie.

The people who leaked stuff to The New York Times, those people are political appointees and that is a measured response and a coordinated response that goes right along, and I know this is big me saying this, with Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the big lie. Where they tell a big lie and keep telling it until people believe it. And that’s what this is. You have political appointees and people who are chosen by those political appointees to be at the top of the CIA and these other intel agencies and they do the president’s dirty work.

Via Newsmax TV:

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