DRUDGE REPORT: Megyn Kelly May Leave FOX News


Megyn Kelly may leave FOX News according to an exclusive story on Drudge Report. Rumors have been swirling about Kelly for months who came under fire from Trump fans over the last year for her bias against the President Elect.

From Drudge:

Thu Dec 01 2016 9:01:21 ET

CNN President Jeff Zucker is actively perusing FOX star Megyn Kelly to anchor 8 or 9 PM on his network, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. And Kelly might just say, YES!

“He is moving the Himalayan mountains to get her,” a top insider explains. “But they are tripped up on money. He simply can’t pay her the $20 million a year FOX has on the table.”

Kelly’s contract is up in July 2017.


For Kelly, a move to Columbus Circle would represent a fresh break from a turbulent 18 months at FOXNEWS. And the chance to go directly against arch-nemesis Bill O’Reilly will be hard to resist.

Meanwhile, the highs and lows of the Trump and Roger Ailes dramas have taken a toll.

The anchor is “despised” by fellow on-air talent. And FOX insiders describe how it’s gotten only worse since the release of her book, which is expected to end the holidays under 500,000 total copies sold.

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It’s worth noting that CNN’s ratings are down for their horrible and completely biased coverage of the 2016 election. If Kelly makes this move, it might benefit the network but it will technically be a step down for her.

The other burning question is how FOX would rearrange their prime time programming. They could move Tucker Carlson’s successful new show to the 9 PM slot but that would still leave them with a vacancy at 7 PM.


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