Double-Digit Favorability Bounce for PEOTUS Donald J. Trump!

Donald J. Trump’s favorability rating has jumped another 12 points since mid October following his election blowout in November.


The far left Huffington Post has Trump up 12 points since October to 41% today.
They must HATE reporting that.

Via Townhall:


(1.) Donald Trump’s favorability rating has jumped 12 points since mid-October, from an abysmal 29 percent (which was an outlier, even by Trump’s historically-low pre-election standards) to 41 percent today. More Americans, 47 percent, view him unfavorably. Still, a net (-6) rating is relatively good for him. As we discussed based on exit polling on November 9, negative views of Trump were not overstated in national polls. What the experts didn’t expect was for Trump to pull in a substantial number of votes from people who nevertheless hold an unfavorable opinion of him.

(2) The right track/wrong track numbers also improved substantially, with the percentage of Americans saying the country is headed in the wrong direction dropping to 54 percent. That’s down from 65 percent in the thick of the election cycle. This seems to align with Fox News’ poll last week showing that of all the adjectives Americans associate with their sentiments now that the election has been resolved, “hopeful” was at the top of the list, at 59 percent. This stat is also interesting: “When asked about the outlook for the economy over the next year, 42% of Americans said it would get better and 19% said worse. That marked the highest level of economic optimism since October, 2012.”

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