It’s a Cult=> Hillary Supporters Blame Racism, Russia for Her Loss

De-Nile is not just a river in Africa.

Clinton supporters are blaming Hillary’s epic loss on racism and Russia.


Of course it was.
Run with that, Democrats!


It wasn’t because Democrats screwed the working class, doubled health care premiums, transferred jobs to Asia, doubled the national debt, and promised to kill all coal jobs…
It’s because of RUSSIA… and RACISM!

Hillary supporters said they cried and had a hard time going to work:

CNN reported:

Four weeks away from Donald Trump’s inauguration, Hillary Clinton supporters continue to debate why their candidate lost the presidential election.

“I think it was racism that allowed Donald Trump to win,” Carol Evans said. “I’m not saying that everybody that voted for Donald Trump is a racist … but I do believe that they allowed racism to move into the White House. Let’s say that racism reacted against an Obama presidency, and that racism won.”

Evans was part of a panel of Clinton supporters who sat down with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota in an interview that aired Monday on “New Day.” They offered a list of reasons for Trump’s victory and acknowledged that to move forward, they need to make an effort to understand those people who cast their votes for the President-elect.

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