COMEDY: Liberal Politico Claims Donald Trump Is “Inheriting Obama’s Economic Boom”


The Obama loving media will never stop lying to themselves and thinking the public will buy it too. This headline from the liberal publication Politico is just too much. Take a look:

They’re not even kidding. How do they say this with a straight face?

Here’s a snippet from the article:


Trump inherits Obama boom

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump repeatedly described the U.S. economy as a hollowed-out disaster of high unemployment and stagnant growth.

But the latest numbers show the president-elect will in fact inherit a fairly robust economy with the lowest jobless rate in nearly a decade, record home and stock prices and a healthy growth rate.

It’s a radically different position from the one President-elect Barack Obama found himself in 2008 with markets crashing, the financial crisis spinning out of control and joblessness headed toward 10 percent.

Trump instead will take office with an economy near full employment and wages and spending rising. The economy is in such strong shape that the Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates again later this month to try and cool things off.

Near full employment and rising wages? Really?

Did these people watch the presidential election we just went through? If things are so great, why was Obama’s platform rejected? Why did Trump win?

Are these people serious?

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