CNN Crank Urges Liberal Media to Start Calling Trump an ‘Authoritarian’ (Video)

CNN hack Brian Stelter went after Donald Trump again on Sunday vowing to lable the president-elect as an authoritarian.

And you wonder why Americans don’t trust the liberal media?

Newsbusters reported:

CNN’s Brian Stelter took his anti-Donald Trump bias to new heights Sunday during his show “Reliable Souses,” where he argued that the media had to start referring to the president-elect as an authoritarian. “I talk to international correspondents who say to you, ‘This is exactly what authoritarians do. This is what strongmen do. This is what happens in authoritarian regimes,’” he claimed, “I think we need to start using those words on TV, at least, to discuss the possibilities before us.”

“What you do in an authoritarian regime is you delegitimize the press,” he continued, as he asked former Fortune editor John Huey if he could see Trump cracking down on the press. Huey agreed and said that Trump practices “the classic techniques of a demagogue.” And according to him, one of the techniques is “to create the idea that someone out there is the enemy.”

“And he started with Mexicans, he moved to Muslims, and sometime in the middle of the summer he really started to focus on the media,” Huey explained, while praising Stelter for being, “one of the first people to pick up on that.” Come to think of it, Hillary Clinton’s claim that Trump’s supporters were a basket of deplorables falls into that narrative.

Huey continued to smear Trump by surmising that, “So these are demagogic techniques and you can look at them very seriously because they do smack of authoritarianism.” He went on to mock Trump reminding that panel “This is the first president-elect we’ve ever had who is in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. So there are elements of promotion here.”

These jackasses didn’t have a problem with Obama lashing out at FOX News for eight years, but now that America has elected a president who points out the obvious bias in the liberal media – they freak out.

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