Center for American Progress Moves to Be Media Nerve Center for Anti-Trump Propaganda

The far left Center for American Progress is positioning itself to be the nerve center of propaganda against the Trump administration.

Neera Tandem, its president, was a frequent mention in the Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. Tandem is John Podesta’s close friend. In one email she admitted that the Hillary Campaign suggested Hillary Clinton’s top aides never disclosed her use of a private email servers because “they wanted to get away with it.”

neera tanden

Neera Tanden also warned Democrats back in February that Republican turnout in the primaries was a concern.
But Hillary insiders ignored the warning.


The Politico reported:

Looking to build itself into a nerve center for the anti-Donald Trump resistance, the liberal Center for American Progress think tank is relaunching its advocacy-focused arm Thursday and bringing on a longtime senior aide to Sen. Harry Reid to help lead the charge.

Adam Jentleson, Reid’s deputy chief of staff, will work to steer the new war room at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which its leaders hope will provide Democrats with a centralized resource to oppose the president-elect’s moves — starting with his Cabinet nominations…

…“Our goal is to be the central hub of the Trump resistance, to hold Trump accountable for the promises he made,” said CAP president and CEO Neera Tanden, a confidant of Clinton’s and her campaign policy director in 2008.

“Our overarching theory of the case is that he promised to ‘drain the swamp’ and improve the lives of middle-class Americans, and where he betrays those promises, we want to make it clear to the public that he’s done so.”

The organization is hardly the only one seeking to position itself at the forefront of the party in the Trump era — the American Bridge opposition research group led by Clinton ally David Brock launched its own “war room” last week. Yet CAP’s long track record as a center of Democratic thought and its exceptionally close ties to Clinton and her campaign both grant it extra weight within the party infrastructure.

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