Black Father-Daughter Trump Electors Receive Death Threats, Called Bigots for Supporting Trump

An African American father and daughter will cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump on Monday in Lansing, Michigan.

Despite the abuse they’ve received the father-daughter combo will make history as they cast their votes for Donald J. Trump.

The two black Trump supporters have received death threats.
Liberals have called them bigots for supporting Trump.

BizPac Review reported:

A black Republican father-daughter duo will make history when they cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump on Monday.

Kelly Mitchell and her father, Henry Hatter, are members of Michigan’s Electoral College. They are among the few African-American Republican electors in the nation, and a rare father-daughter duo.

Despite being barraged with emails, letters, postcards and phone calls urging them to change their electoral vote to Hillary Clinton, Mitchell and Hatter will vote for Trump, who won the state of Michigan.

Mitchell dismisses critics who suggest she’s betraying her race by supporting Trump. “I don’t really worry about what other people who say to me about race or how I should vote,” Mitchell told the Associated Press. “It’s been what’s right for and worked for me. I make no apologies.”

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