Army-Navy Game Has Highest Ratings in 22 Years – But NBC Fails to Mention Trump Was There

NBC Sports reported Monday that the Army-Navy game saw a 10% spike in viewers and was the highest rated Army-Navy game in 22 years.

The folks at NBC can’t figure out why the ratings jumped so high this year. Was it because Army had a good team?

NBC completely forgot to mention that THIS happened.
The TROOPS – cadets and midshipmen – Erupted as Trump entered the stadium today!


NBC Sports doesn’t even mention that Trump went to the game as one of the possible reasons for the spike in ratings.
It is incredible how liberals have even brought their media biases to football and the sports world.

Here’s one of the better comments on the article:
Via chachooga

How can you write this and not include that Donald Trump was there?

My gosh man, I know there is disdain with all the self proclaimed smart people who are journalists… sadly have seeped in the sports journalist world.

But wow, how tone deaf.

The only difference I knew about with little interest in the game was that Trump was going. The other things you mentioned like….”army was good this year” don’t lead to a 10% bump.

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