AP – Who Was Caught Colluding with Clinton Camp – Announces It Is Going to War Against ‘Fake News’


The Associated Press announced today it is joining the fight against “fake news” organizations.

The liberal media declared several top conservative news websites after the election of Donald Trump.

The Washington Post singled out several top news organizations including:
The Drudge Report
American Lookout (Gateway Pundit’s sister site)


The Gateway Pundit was also slandered as being a fake news website by mainstream media outlets.
For the record— CNN retracted their hit piece on us.
We are contacting at least one other prominent mainstream news organization that attacked TGP as fake news.

For the record….
The AP was caught coordinating stories with the Hillary Campaign.
Via Mike Cernovich:

Today’s AP announcement is here.

Zero Hedge had this to say on the AP announcement:

One by one, all the mainstream media outlets are announcing they will join Facebook’s “fight” against “fraudulent stories” and the “scourge of fake news” to be defined arbitrarily by said media outlets. First it was “fact-checkers” such as Snopes and Politifact, now it’s AP, and soon to follow, the rest of the mainstream.

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