WOW! Obama Says He Told Trump: “It’s Really Important to Try to Send Some Signals of Unity”

Barack Obama, the most divisive president in US history, told Trump during their private meeting,

“It’s really important to try to send some signals of unity.”

Currently, Hillary supporters are rioting and beating Trump supporters in the street.
It would be nice if he condemned the left’s latest violent mobs roaming the streets of America.


Rush Limbaugh spoke today on how the agenda of the Democrat Party is disunity.

The simple fact of the matter is this country is not unified because of the Democrat Party and its policies.

This country is not unified because of Barack Obama and his policies and his words and his approach to things. We do want a unified America. We want an America great for everyone. We do not judge people by the color of their skin or anything of the like — just as they do, folks. So poor Chris Cuomo here is living in his illusions, and he is the product himself all of bunch of propaganda and stereotyping in which he believes that any conservative is — by virtue of his or her existence — divisive (chuckles), when it’s the exact opposite.

It is the left that is intolerant, not tolerant.

It is the left that’s divisive, not unifying.

It is the left that feeds off of the chaos of disunity.

It is the left that talks about us versus them, even from the top. Obama, during his campaign in ’08 — and then as he served as president — the same kind of divisive language. But even with that, Chris Cuomo is emblematic of many in the media who are simply incapable of critical thinking, incapable of observing something and coming to his own conclusion. He’s simply trapped in stereotypical prejudice that is the result of being a liberal. (impression) “You mean Rush Limbaugh in the White house? Rush Limbaugh is divisive!” That’s just… It’s just outrageous.

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