WOW! Hillary Camp Blames PUTIN for John Podesta Invite to Satanic “Spirit Cooking” Party

Guest post by John Binder at American Lookout:


As if Hillary Clinton hasn’t blamed Russia for everything else in her life…. why not another?!

When Wikileaks dropped emails today showing that her campaign manager John Podesta was invited to a satanic dinner by performance artist Marina Abromovic, a ritual that’s called a “Spirit Cooking” Dinner.


Check out the email here:

Now the Clinton Campaign is BLAMING PUTIN!
Check out their response here:

How much more sickening could Hillary’s campaign possibly get?

This is just vile. But people are waking up.

#SpiritCooking is trending high on Twitter:

But don’t expect the mainstream media to report on anything related to this email, despite the subject trending on Twitter all day long!

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