Wikileaks: Hillary Camp Discussed Danger of Trump Lawsuit over Fake Craig’s List Trump Ads

The Hillary Campaign discussed the danger of being sued by Trump for defamation if they get caught posting their fake Trump Craigslist ads.
Via Wikileaks:

The DNC was worried about being sued by the Trump team for their lies.

Just talked to Jackie – apparently because we’re talking about sexual harassment, the defamation risk is really high, but he hasn’t been litigious yet, so…

When I told her that we pulled every example from solid news sources, that made her feel a little better. Basically, it’s up to the DNC if it’s worth the risk, but if we decide to go forward, she thinks we should make sure we’re really confident in our research back-up, and asked us to flag it for them first.

What do you think?

Here is one of the Craigslist ads posted by the DNC:

Here’s another fake Trump Craigslist ad by the DNC.

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