Wayne State University Police Officer Shot in Head – Officer’s Gun Is Missing, Suspect ‘Deangelo Davis’ at Large (Updated)

A Wayne State University police officer was shot this afternoon in the head while on duty.
The officer’s gun is missing.

Police are searching for a suspect.
UPDATE— Police identified Deangelo Lamarr Davis as the suspect.

Blue Lives Matter reported:


A Wayne State University Police officer was shot and wounded. Police state that the officer was talking to a man on a bicycle when he fired 3 shots at the officer. We’re not sure how many shots struck the officer, but our LEO sources are telling us that he was shot in the head and his gun was stolen from him. The officer was rushed to the hospital.

The suspect who shot the officer is still on the loose. He his a black man in his 40’s with a full beard. He was wearing a white tee with black and white lettering, a skull cap, and a brown jacket.

This is a developing story, we will update you on the officers condition and any more information as it is released.

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