“I Would Have Voted for Trump” … Kanye West Goes on 40-Minute Pro-Trump Rant (VIDEO)

Hope for American youth…
Rapper Kanye West went on a 40 minute pro-Trump rant at his concert last night in San Jose, California.

West at one point told the audience, “I would have voted for Trump.”

The Independent reported:

Kanye West has always been something of a provocateur and a nihilist and is staunchly anti-political correctness.

Last night he stirred a maybe unprecedented level of controversy, however, declaring at a Saint Pablo Tour show in San Jose: “I would have voted on Trump”.

“This is my platform and I’m going to talk about the paradigm shift that’s happening right now,” he said at the top of a 40-minute political speech that came at the cost of several songs.

It’s hard to ascertain exactly the point he was trying to make as we only have tweets from attendees, not a transcript, to go off, but it sounds as though he was mostly praising the disruptive nature of Trump’s campaign, which ‘inspired racists to reveal themselves’.

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