VIDEO=> Watch Kellyanne Conway Demolish Jake Tapper Like a Bent Staple…

Guest Post by Joe Hoft


Kellyanne Conway obliterated Jake Tapper today regarding the ‘rigged’ election –

Tapper kept wanting to discuss what was rigged about the election and Conway finally said –


Jake on that we agree, we’ve now said it four times because I’m sure it’s a better story line to discuss than the tightening polls and the fact that we’re playing follow the leader and Hillary Clinton is following us to Michigan, following us to Pennsylvania, following us to Wisconsin, following us to New Hampshire – all these blue states on her schedule now.

For an arrogant campaign that’s billed, that’s booked fireworks in New York to celebrate her victory on Tuesday night. She’s got the President of the United States running around to blue states that he carried twice just to prop her up. That’s actually the big story this morning.

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