VIDEO=> Brave Philly Woman Catches Democratic Voter Fraud – Tweets It Out

Brittany Foreman worked the 52nd War, the 15th Division in Philadelphia on Election Day.


Brittany said she witnessed voter fraud today.

“Today I witnessed voter fraud. I witnessed the committee members assisting people on voting. I was told by the assistant ward leader that he was not supposed to be in the room. He wasn’t supposed to be helping people vote and he was. Not only was he helping people vote, he was handing out literature, Democratic literature in the polling place. I then called my father who is the ward leader. He instructed me to call the number.

Brittany says the precinct judge covered for the man:


As soon as the people come and question him on what he’s doing, him and Mrs. Louise, the judge in the 19th division, come up with a poll watchers certificate. He did not have a poll watchers’ certificate all morning.

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