VIDEO=> Far Left Goon Shoots US Patriot with Taser After He Rescues American Flag at Protest


At an anti-Trump protester shot a US Patriot with a taser after the man rescued an American flag at a Los Angeles protest.

From the video:

I went out to the Los Angeles Trump protests on Veterans Day because I saw they were burning and destroying American flags. Decided I was gonna go undercover and try to save one. Found this guy dragging and stomping on one. Waited for a good escape route, then went in to get it. It was my intention to grab it and run, but this guy came right at me. I wasn’t looking for a fight, but he pulled a taser on me. He got me a couple times, but it was just annoying.

You can here me grunt as I punch him in the face. Took no damage. Opened him up a little. Oh well. My love to my brothers and sisters who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice.

The man raised the US flag after he was tased to show the camera.


Here’s the video:
Hat Tip Andrew Marcus

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