VIDEO=> Baltimore Police Rescue News Crew From Anti-Trump Lynch Mob

A reporter and cameraman from WBFF-TV Fox 45 in Baltimore, Maryland had to be rescued by police after being surrounded and menaced by anti-Trump protesters Thursday night.

“Demonstrators harass FOX45 News crew at end of protest, @KeithDFox45 and photographer moved to safety …”

Reporter Keith Daniels and his unnamed cameraman were reporting an the anti-Trump protest when the mob surrounded them and ordered them to leave.


Baltimore police allowed the harassment to go on for a long while before halfheartedly intervening. Eventually, the police told the news crew to leave and gave them a ride out of the area for their safety. As they were being driven away a protester spat on the rear window of the police car. Police standing by did nothing.

Reporters have been attacked at several anti-Trump protests since the election on Tuesday.

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